Life Events | Wedding Rules Have Changed?!

Life Events | Wedding Rules Have Changed?!

Wedding Rules Have Changed?!

We love working as financial advisors because we get to advise and help guide our clients through life's major milestones. Exciting milestones like college education, weddings, and the birth of a new child. We help clients navigate through all of the changes that life may throw their way and adjust their financial plans accordingly.

Weddings are an exciting and expensive celebration. A wedding today costs substantially more than it did years ago. This realization can be quite daunting for any parent. Especially those under the impression that the parents of the bride will be paying for the entire wedding.

There is good news! Wedding rules have changed!

Recently, our very own Keith Maderer was interviewed by AARP magazine. The article addresses how wedding rules have changed. With the rising costs of saying “I do” the old rules of who pays for the wedding are out. New ways have been established for how to financially afford the big day.

Keith has written about this topic in his book: Cut WEDDING Costs: Before The Big Day. He is also the father of 5 adult children who have already gotten married, are engaged or are approaching that time when they will be thinking about a wedding. He knows first hand what it's like to go through the wedding process as a parent and a financial advisor.

If you find yourself thinking about an upcoming wedding you'd like to contribute to, check out this article! See what Keith and other AARP contributors suggest for ways to adapt to these new rules!

Click the link below to read the article!

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