Estate Planning

Are You Nervous Your Family Will Be Left With Questions?

Now You Can Ensure Your Wishes Are Followed!

Estate Planning Can Be Overwhelming

We understand Estate Planning can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!  With your family and a trusted advisor by your side, any fears that you have about end of life decisions can be discussed and resolved according to your wishes.  The sooner you begin addressing these concerns, the  easier it will be on you, and your loved ones.  At Senior Financial, we will help you arrange your affairs to best meet your needs and wishes. 

As part of our mission to help individuals understand Estate Planning we are invested in hearing directly from YOU.  Click above to tell us your single biggest challenge with estate planning and  get our Estate Planning Packet absolutely FREE!  Also, be sure to check back to our blog to see!

What We Do

Estate Planning is a process of reviewing your current plans and proposing alternatives where needed. We try to be the “Devil’s Advocate” and review the worst case scenarios so that you will never have any unwelcome surprises. We’ve been doing it for over 30 years and believe you are the boss, your wishes are the most vital part of your plan. We help steer you in the right direction to avoid, taxes, probate, estate shrinkage and family arguments. 

Why Our Clients Hire Us

Hire us to help clarify your estate needs and map out the directives that you want your family to follow. We will offer suggestions and alternatives that can help you make sure that your family is taken care of and remains together. We will help solve problems and arguments, before they happen. We help you to simplify your life now… and your loved ones after you are gone.

Don’t let the fear of answering end of life questions prevent you from taking care of you and your family. Contact us today!

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