Market Update | July 31, 2017

Market Update | July 31, 2017

The U.S. Markets have continued to take the lead and advanced nicely during the month of July. Following their lead, global stocks and bonds also rose nicely. Europe and the emerging markets are gaining strength as the U.S. Recovery continues to advance.

Solid corporate earnings have continued to drive stock prices higher for U.S. Equities and value managers continue to find value in areas that have been under performing. Fundamentals are driving prices higher on a controlled but steady basis.

While the big picture, political pressures and news media influence remain uncertain, opportunities in many areas are being created and uncovered for future investment.

Both global bonds and U.S. fixed income securities continue to advance modestly as investors around the world are looking for higher yields.

The White House seems to be going through a transition as President Trump appears to be cleaning house and bringing in personnel that he trusts and feels comfortable with. The massive security leaks that happened over his first 6 months have been detrimental to his overall agenda.

It looks like he is finally pulling in the reins and putting General Kelly in charge of this matter. As the new White House Chief of Staff, lets hope General Kelly earns the same respect and performs at the same high level as he has served our country in the military, as Secretary of Homeland Security and now his new role.

Maybe we can throw out all the Republican and Democrat politicians at the next voting cycle and fill their positions with individuals that want to work for the benefit of all Americans. It seems that party politics have not been… and are not working.

We will continue to monitor the economic landscape and market conditions. If we see the need to make modifications, we are prepared to act as needed.

Hope you are enjoying this wild WNY weather and spending valuable time with your family and friends. If you have any questions or wold like to make an appointment, please feel free to contact us at 716-662-4470.

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