Education | “Top 10 Financial Tips For Today’s Grads” Article Spotlight

Education | “Top 10 Financial Tips For Today’s Grads” Article Spotlight

Article Spotlight: Top 10 Financial Tips For Today's Grads

It’s graduation time! A milestone that’s both exciting and terrifying for any grad who is about to enter the real world.

With the real world comes real responsibilities – especially financial ones.

This transition can be scary.

How do we help our grads adjust? 

Check out this article we found published by Carrie Schwab – Pomerantz at Charles Schwab & CO Inc., entitled Top 10 Financial Tips for Today’s Grads.

Her Key Points in the article are:

  • Graduation is a time for new adventures—and new financial responsibilities.

  • When just starting out, it’s important to have a firm foundation in the basics from budgeting to saving to staying on top of debt.

  • This list of Top 10 Financial Tips is great for new grads—or anyone at any age who wants to be on top of their finances.

The 10 Financial Tips she gives are:

  1. Spend Mindfully

  2. Live within your means

  3. Put bills on automatic

  4. Keep a lid on credit and debt

  5. Prepare for the unexpected

  6. Have the right insurance

  7. Get a jump on savings

  8. Plan for retirement

  9. Stay on top of student loans

  10. Learn how to invest


Read the full article to get more information on each tip. This is even a great refresher for anyone looking to establish healthy financial habits at any age!

Should you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Article Link: Top 10 Financial Tips for Today’s Grads

Article Author: Carrie Schwab – Pomerantz

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