5 Tricks To Treat Your Wallet On Halloween

5 Tricks To Treat Your Wallet On Halloween

What is the most important part about Halloween…besides the candy? The costume. But coming up with the perfect costume for you or dor your kids is part of the Halloween fun. With the holidays rapidly approaching, you may not want to break the bank on a Halloween costumes. So where do you go to get a costume?

Halloween stores are costly. If you have children, you know this first hand. If you’re like me and thoroughly enjoy taking part in dressing up in a Halloween but hate forking over a fortune for it… this article is for you.

5 Tricks To Treat Your Wallet On Halloween

  1. DIY Costume

Store bought costumes typically come with a big price tag. Some don’t even include all of the costume pieces. The sword, broom, wig or mask pictured that completes the costume is… sold separately. Of course it is! Instead, create your own costume. Even if you’re not a crafty individual, you’d be surprised how easy some Do-It-Yourself costumes can be. Bonus: DIY costumes allow you to have the freedom to actually use the sweatshirt, shirt, hat etc. you bought for the costume again rather than letting chintzy fabric costume collect dust for years to come.

  1. Thrift Shop

When it comes to finding specific pieces to base your costume on, thrift stores can be perfect. It also doesn’t hurt that they are typically gentle on your wallet. Be open to whatever you may find and be flexible to adjust your costume based on it.

  1. Phone A Friend

One of the easiest ways to save money on a Halloween costume is to ask to borrow a friend’s old costume. If you have kids, hand-me-downs of your older children, family or friends’ kids work perfectly. You can even make it a fair trade and swap it with one of the previous year’s costume you have. Friends or family may have the accessory you need or some other piece to your costume puzzle. Whatever it is, helping each other out by coordinating your efforts is another way to treat your wallet!

  1. Check The Closet

This is a great technique to turn a piece in the closet into the perfect Halloween costume. Here’s how it works. Pick an articles of clothing you’d like to incorporate or think would work well. For example, do you have a black dress? Or a flannel? Or a sun hat? Go on to Pinterest and type “Halloween Costumes with” and type in the article of clothing. Check and see the results. This is an easy way to treat your wallet. You already have the centerpiece – and most likely the most expensive piece – of the costume in your possession already. All you have to do is get creative and find or make the little items needed to complete the costume… far less expensive.

This is also a great way to adapt to weather conditions. Here in Western New York we’ve had snow, rain, cooler temperatures and even warm temperatures on Halloween. If it iss calling for snow… look for costume ideas with sweaters, jackets or boots. This is also important for kids as the store bought costumes never seem to be blizzard proof!

  1. Shop In Advance

Another great way to save money on Halloween is by planning ahead… a whole year ahead. After Halloween, a lot of the pop -up shops and department stores discount their items. This requires having an idea of what you’d like to be next year which may be hard when searching for kids. But this year’s Halloween provided a ton of inspiration on costume ideas – a perfect time to capitalize on that! This trick can also help you with home decor and outdoor decorations. The best time to purchase is once they are marked down. Just don’t forget them next year!

With a little creativity and some research these 5 tricks will help anyone looking to save on their costume or your kids’ costumes. It is amazing what costumes can be made. You have the internet and Pinterest on your side and they are filled with creative and cost effective ideas… you just have to make it happen!

Happy Halloween!

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