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Retirement Planning

Hire us to help clarify your retirement needs and establish realistic goals that you can achieve.

Retirement Planning

Saving For Retirement, Ready to Retire, Already Retire

Estate Planning

Hire us to help clarify your estate needs and map out the directives that you want your family to follow.

Estate Planning

Eldercare Issues, Already Retired

Life Event Planning

Hire us when life throws you a curve. We will help you find your direction, refocus and clarify your future.

Life Event Planning

Widowed, Divorced, Unhappy With Current Advisor, Changing Jobs, Recently Laid Off

Business Planning

Hire us to help simplify and streamline your business so that it works harder for you and your family.

Business Planning

Business Valuations, Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Employee Handbook

Retirement Should Be Fun!

We take the dread out of financial planning so you can enjoy the fun of living!


Clarify Your Goals

Everyone's situation is unique and their is no one size fits all approach to financial planning. Your goals are crucial to determining your financial plan. We help our clients at every stage of life find the clarity they need to establish goals they can achieve.


Solve Your Problems

Life throws all kinds of obstacles and challenges at you that can get in your way. Clients hire us to objectively look at their individual situation to solve lifes most challenging problems.


Simplify Your Life

Life is complicated enough. As we age it seems to get even more complicated. Bring some simplicity back to your life. Clients hire us when they need a trusted individual to turn to when life becomes complicated.

About Us

Keith Maderer began working as a financial advisor with IDS/American Express in 1981 after graduating from Canisius College with a Financial and Economic degree. In 1989 he formed SENIOR Financial and Tax – A “Fee-Only” financial advisory company in an effort to provide unbiased advice without any conflicts of interest that can be created by working on a commission basis. 

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